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 The restored Childhood Home of Lucille Ball


Originally 59 Eighth St in Celoron, NY, this is the restored childhood home of Lucille Ball which is now officially 59 Lucy Lane.


The entryway.


The bathroom.


Lucille and Cleo's bedroom.


The parlor.


The dining room.


The foyer viewed from the parlor.


The kitchen at 59 Lucy Lane was restored to the era.  


The wicker sitting room.


The wicker sitting room.


 Fred and Grandpa Hunt's bedroom.

DeDe's original dresser, in her and Ed's bedroom.


Lucy and Desi's 1956 Visit to 59 Eighth Street


Lucy and Desi coming home to Celoron, NY. The couple is is approaching her childhood home. This photo was taken in 1956.



Lucy seems so excited as she enters the parlor from the foyer with Desi in 1956.


During her 1956 visit, Lucy reminisces as she reaches for the curtain rod between the parlor and the foyer.


Lucy's bath tub.




Lucy with Desi in the back of her home in 1956.


A young Lucy with brother Fred on the front porch of the home at 59 Lucy Lane (59 Eighth Street).


Lucy's Childhood Home, 59 Lucy Lane


A replica of the legendary barbecue from a Connecticut episode of 'I Love Lucy,' located at 59 Lucy Lane.


Mary Rapaport with the Cast of 'I Love Lucy Live' celebrating Lucy!


Replica of chicken coop in the back yard. 



Lucy Lilacs.


Bill and Mary Rapaport, owners of 59 Lucy Lane, welcome Lucy and Desi's daughter Lucie Arnaz to the Celoron property.  


The Original Speed Painter! Michael Israel visits 59 Lucy Lane.

Michael Israel, The Original Speed Painter! pictured with 59 Lucy Lane homeowner Mary Rapaport inside Lucy's childhood home.


Lucy, by Michael Israel at 59 Lucy Lane.


Michael Israel tours the property at 59 Lucy Lane in Celoron.



The garage is "Lucy-fied" at 59 Lucy Lane.


The Renovation of 59 Lucy Lane  

The Rapaports' are super fans of Lucille Ball and loved the opportunity to meticulously restore her childhood home in 2005. Mary Rapaport says she fell in love with 'I Love Lucy' as an adult when a bout with a serious illness rendered her bedridden. Lucille's amazing physical comedy and humor inspired her to recovery.  Since then, you won't find a bigger fan of the Jamestown, or Celoron, NY, native superstar. This photo, taken on September 23, 2013, is of the project to repair the house's siding. Today, the Rapaport's continue to take care of and upgrade Lucy's home, keeping it as close to original as possible.  


The attic window, one of Lucille's memories of her childhood home.


A bird's eye view of 59 Lucy Lane, Celoron, NY.


The back of the house.


The front of the house.