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Aug. 6, 1911, Jamestown, NY


(father) Henry Durrell Ball (Sep. 16, 1886 - Feb. 28, 1915)

(mother) Désirée “DeDe” Evelyn Hunt   (Sep. 21, 1892 - Jul. 20, 1977) 


Fred Ball (Jul. 17, 1915 - Feb. 5, 2007)


Desi Arnaz, Nov. 30, 1940, Divorced May 4, 1960    |    Gary Morton, Nov 19, 1961 until death 


Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV, born Jan. 19, 1953


Lucie Désirée Arnaz, born Jul. 17, 1951 



Apr. 26, 1989, Los Angeles CA. Age 77 


Did You Know?

  • Lucille Ball said that the letters A and R had a lot of luck for her, which is why her character was named Lucy RicARdo in I LOVE LUCY (1951); Lucy CARmichael in THE LUCY SHOW (1962); Lucy CARter in HERE'S LUCY (1968) and Lucy BARker in LIFE WITH LUCY(1986).  She was also married to 'Desi ARnaz'.
  • Desi's real name was Desderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III.  He was an only child, born into wealth and privilege in Santiago, Cuba. His father was mayor of Santiago for 10 years, and his mother, Delores, was a famous Latin American beauty and an heir to the Bacardi rum fortune.
  • In the 1930s, Lucille’s younger brother Fred (1915-2007) moved from their hometown Jamestown, New York, to join her in Hollywood, where he often accompanied Desi Arnaz on tour as his road band manager and served on the Board of Directors of Desilu Productions. In the later years of his life, Fred and his wife Zo operated a motel in Cottonwood, Arizona, and he died of natural causes on February 5, 2007 at the age of 91. He is buried in the Hunt family plot in Lakeview Cemetery in Jamestown, New York, along with his parents, his grandparents, and sister, Lucille Ball.
  • Lucille Ball lived at 1000 N. Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills. 
  • Lucy and her son, Desi Arnaz Jr, appeared together on the very first national cover of TV GUIDE in 1953.  The article was entitled: "Lucy's $50,000,000 Baby"
    • Not long after the Arnazes bought their house on Roxbury Drive, it was featured in Episode #127 of I Love Lucy, "The Tour", starring Richard Widmark.     
    • In 1962, Lucille became the first woman president of a major Hollywood studio.
    • Lucy's final television appearance was at the 61st Academy Awards in 1989.  She and Bob Hope announced a segment on up and coming young Hollywood stars.
      • Lucy was pictured on a 34 cent USA commemorative postage stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series issued in August 2001.
        • Carole Lombard was her idol and Lucy always felt that it was Carole who deserved the title of “Queen of Comedy”, not herself.
        • Lucy and Desi were married at the Byram River Beagle Club in Connecticut on Nov. 30, 1940.
        • Lucy was 5'6" tall.
        • Lucy's memoirs were found after her death and published by her children in 1996 in the book entitled,"Love, Lucy".
        • Lucy and Desi first met in the RKO film, "Too Many Girls" in 1940. Desi was doing the play on Broadway and Lucy was cast to be in the film version in Hollywood.  Desi was brought to Hollywood to continue his role and they met on the set.
        • Lucy and Desi co-starred in 3 movies together: "Too Many Girls" in 1940: "The Long, Long Trailer" in 1954; and "Forever, Darling" in 1956.
        • Lucy and Desi held the world premiere for "Forever, Darling" in Jamestown, New York in February 1956.
        • Lucille Ball appeared in 83 movies during her career.  Her film debut was in "Roman Scandals" starring Eddie Cantor, one of United Artists' biggest musical extravaganzas of 1933.
        • Lucy starred in the Broadway musical "Wildcat", playing the part of Wildcat Jackson. It opened at the Alvin Theatre in New York City on December 19, 1960 and it was her only Broadway appearance.
        • The Desilu Studios produced the TV series: Star Trek; Mission Impossible; The Untouchables; and Mannix. Many other shows were filmed at the Desilu Studios, including: Our Miss Brooks; The Andy Griffith Show; The Dick Van Dyke Show;  Make Room for Daddy; and My Three Sons.
        • Lucy was honored with the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Lifetime Achievement Award in 1986 and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, posthumously, in 1989.
        • When the Ricardo's TV son, Ricky, was born on "I Love Lucy", more people watched that episode than watched the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
        • As a young woman in New York City, Lucille went by the name Diane Belmont. She had always liked the name Diane and the Belmont racetrack on Long Island inspired the last name.
        • Lucy was once a soda jerk at the Walgreen's located across from the Hotel Jamestown in Jamestown New York.
        • Her first big New York City success was as a model for Hattie Carnegie's internationally famous dress shop on E 49th St.
        • Lucy has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California.  Motion Pictures: 6436 Hollywood Blvd. and Television: 6100 Hollywood Blvd.
        • Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz founded the company Desilu Productions.
        • After the sale of Desilu Productions in 1967, Lucy and her husband Gary Morton, created Lucille Ball Productions.
          • Lucy loved Jamestown and often used references to the area on, I Love Lucy, which included Celoron, Lake Chautauqua, Hunt Road, and her friends "back home".
          • There are 180 episodes of I Love Lucy including the "I Love Lucy Christmas Show" which aired on Dec 24, 1956.
          • I Love Lucy was unique in that it was the first television series to be produced on film using a multiple camera technique in front of a studio audience.
          • Lucille Ball was a perfectionist contrary to perception, rarely was anything ad-libbed.  It was routine for her to spend hours perfecting her antics and facial expressions.
          • My Favorite Husband ran for 4 years on CBS Radio until it was taken to television as I Love Lucy.
          • Lucy and Desi appear on a 33 cent USA commemorative stamp issued in the Celebrate the Century stamp series on May 26 1999.  There is a replica mural painted on the Jamestown NY post office.
          • When Lucille Ball became pregnant, the unprecedented decision was made to write her pregnancy into the show.  I Love Lucy was the first television show to prominently feature a pregnant woman.
          • Lucy is buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Jamestown NY.
          • The Ricardos resided at 623 East 68th St in New York City.
          • Lucille Ball was chosen by TV GUIDE as the greatest TV star of all time.
          • Lucille Ball starred in 5 network series: I Love Lucy; The Lucille Ball - Desi Arnaz Comedy Hour; The Lucy Show; Here's Lucy; and Life with Lucy.
          • The lyrics for the I Love Lucy theme song were only sung on the show once.  Ricky sang them to Lucy during the "Lucy's Last Birthday" episode.
          • Lucille Ball received 13 Emmy nominations and had 4 wins.
          • Lucy and Desi insisted that I Love Lucy be shot on film instead of the less expensive kinescope so that they could film in Hollywood instead of NYC.
          • Lucille Ball appeared with the Marx Brothers in "Room Service" and with the Three Stooges in "Three Little Pigskins".
            • Lucille Ball borrowed the names of her real life Jamestown/Celoron friends when naming the character friends of Lucy Ricardo.
            • Lucille Ball was the first woman inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 1984.