59 Lucy Lane

Ethel: Lucy, I hate to be the one that wipes that smile off your face, but do you realize that at the end of the month you have got to pay that bill at the market?

Lucy: Oh no I don't, Mr Hickox does. He's the one that arranged the credit.

Ethel: But it's your money.

Lucy: But it's his responsibility.  He's the Business Manager. Let him manage.

I Love Lucy ~ "The Business Manager" 10/4/54

Freddy's (Lucille's brother's) earliest memory of the parlor was that it was where Grandma Hunt had spent her final days. Her bed had been moved into the parlor, and, eventually, her funeral was held here. After her death, the focus of this room became the upright piano that sat against the wall opposite the sofa and the musical instruments that the family learned to play. Desiree and Lola both played piano, Freddie took cello lessons, cousin Cleo learned to play the violin, and Lucille played the saxophone.



The Parlor

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