59 Lucy Lane

Fred: Have you figured out how to get the coat away from her?

Ricky: Yep.

Fred: How?

Ricky: I'm gonna tell her the truth.

Fred: Gosh, I hadn't thought of that.  What about the anniversary?

Ricky: I'll get her a couple of minks and let her raise her own coat.

I Love Lucy ~ "The Fur Coat" 12/10/51

Grandpa Hunt shared his room with little Freddy, he in a twin bed, and Freddy in a trundle.  When Grandpa was sentenced to live in Mayville for a year after being charged with negligence in the shooting accident of a neighbor boy, it was the first time he was away from the family for any length of time and it was extremely hard for not only him, but for the entire family.

Grandpa Hunt's Room

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