59 Lucy Lane

Ethel: Why don't we do a duet?

Lucy: A duet?

Ethel: Yeah, something like that Cole Porter song "Friendship"? Isn't that a wonderful idea?

Lucy: Well no. That way I don't get to sing alone.

Ethel: That's what makes it a wonderful idea.

I Love Lucy ~ "Lucy & Ethel Buy the Same Dress"  10/19/53

Whether it was to use the front porch glider in the summer or to retrieve ice that had been cut from Chautauqua Lake during the winter from the icebox located right outside the front door, the entryway of 59 W. 8th St. was continually filled with the activity of family coming and going through the front door.  This area had a special attraction for Cleo, Freddy and Lucille, a curtain that hung from a rod over the entrance to the parlor from the entryway.  While the two younger kids used this curtain to make hand shadows for entertainment, Lucille saw the combination of the stairs (leading from the entryway to the bedrooms upstairs) and a curtain separating her from a captive audience in the parlor as the perfect location for putting on innumerable productions.



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