59 Lucy Lane

Lucy: This is a pretty pickle. We've been open two whole days and haven't seen a customer.

Ethel: We made five sales.

Lucy: Yes to each other. And I think we should have investigated our credit before we opened those charge accounts.

I Love Lucy ~ "The Girls Go Into Business" 10/12/53

Located right off the sitting room and the kitchen, the dining room could have easily accommodated the entire family sitting down together for dinner.  Family was always a priority in Lucille's life, and those solid family ties are what led her to bring her entire family, one by one, to live with her in California.  Even after her endless success, she always wanted and needed her family close by.  Freddy and Cleo would eventually work for her at Desilu Studios, and, up until her death, DeDe could always be spotted in the audience of a taping or show.  Lucille needed all of them, and she always had their full and unquestioning support.


Dining Room

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