59 Lucy Lane

Lucy: My haven't we been the busy bees.

Ethel: Yes, and apparently one of us busy bees thinks she's the queen.

Lucy: Now Ethel, don't get your stinger out of joint.

I Love Lucy ~ "The Ricardos Change Apartments" 5/18/53

Although tending to the chicken coop in the back yard was one of Freddy's daily chores, he never expected to be banned to a tent pitched next to it!  It was his attempt at catching a skunk that lived under the coop that made DeDe send him out of the house to isolation out there for several days.  With a plan in mind and many attempts, Freddy finally caught the skunk in a trap that he had attached to a long chain and rope, and as he waited on the roof above with his rifle, he had a friend slowly pull the trap out from under the chicken coop.  Unfortunately, just as Freddy took aim, the skunk also took aim right up at Freddy, covering him from his face to his feet.


Chicken Coop

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