59 Lucy Lane

Ethel: I hate to bother you Mrs. Ricardo, but I believe I left my diamond earrings on your piano last night.

Lucy: Yes you did Mrs. Mertz. I'd be very happy to get them for you.

Ethel: Oh don't bother. I'll get them...that is if they're still there...

Lucy: I don't know why you should worry.  You can always buy another box of Cracker Jack.

I Love Lucy ~ "Breaking the Lease" 2/11/52

Each summer Grandpa Hunt's backyard was filled with almost every fruit and vegetable that could be grown in the area, from corn and cabbage to raspberries, apples and peaches, to peas.  What wasn't immediately used by the family or sold to the grocery store in Celoron was canned and stored for the long winter ahead down in the basement. 
The basement window facing the east was also where the coal delivery was made.  After sending the coal through the open window and down a chute, it was stored here until it was needed for heating.


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