59 Lucy Lane

Lucy: Here's our marriage license. This is the little piece of paper that changed my name to Ricardo. On this day Lucille Esmerelda McGillicuddy was married to Ricky Bicardi.

Ethel: Bicardi?

Lucy: Yah! B-i-c-a-r-d-i! I never noticed that before...it must be a mistake in typing!

Ethel: Well it doesn't make any difference.

Lucy: Well I don't know...you know how funny the laws are.  Gee Ethel...you don't suppose this license isn't legal do you?

Ethel: Oh of course it's legal.  Don't be ridiculous Lucy.  Say...I never saw this picture of you two in a canoe before.  When was it taken?

Lucy: Last summer...when Mr. Bicardi and I were at the lake.

I Love Lucy ~ "The Marriage License" 4/7/52

Although it was not used for anything but storage, like most houses of that time, 59 W. 8th St. had an attic that ran the length of the house and had two large windows that overlooked both the front and back yards.



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