59 Lucy Lane

59 Lucy Lane

Photo Wall

Celoron school that Lucille Ball attended

Historical marker in Jamestown New York

Mural in Jamestown NY by Gary Peters

Stamp mural by Gary Peters on Jamestown NY Post Office

Mural by Gary Peters in Jamestown NY

Family grave site in Lakeview Cemetery Jamestown NY

2013 renovations to bring the house back to its original colors

Channel 7 Buffalo coverage of "For the Love of Dogs" Hospice fundraiser

Channel 7 Buffalo Linda Pellegrino interview

Lucy's beloved lilacs in the backyard of 59 Lucy Lane

Post house tour smiles

59 Lucy Lane

Lucille Ball's childhood home

Welcome to Celoron New York

Celoron New York

Celoron New York

Lighthouse on Lake Chautauqua in Celoron NY

Desi Arnaz bandshell in Lucille Ball Memorial Park Celoron NY

Lucy's most adorable fan ~ Brooklyn!

Bill and Mary Rapaport with Lucie Arnaz at the annual Lucy Lane garage sale

Infamous BBQ at 59 Lucy Lane

A tulip tribute to Lucy Ricardo and Betty Ramsey!

Mural by Gary Peters in Jamestown NY

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz visiting her childhood home in 1956

Lucy and Desi standing in the entryway of her childhood home

Ready for the Hospice fundraiser "For the Love of Dogs"

Mary makes a purchase in support of Hospice

World-renowned artist Michael Israel and Mary at Hospice fundraiser

Michael Israel signed the kitchen wall at 59 Lucy Lane

Artist Michael Israel and Mary at 59 Lucy Lane

Part of Joyce's collection on display

Lucille Ball

Cast of "I Love Lucy" Live On Stage at 59 Lucy Lane

Mural by Gary Peters in Jamestown NY

Hospice fundraiser 2013

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